How to File for Divorce in Virginia

Filing a divorce petition in Virginia is a relatively simple process. You could leave if you have separated for a year, signed a separation agreement and have no children. Both spouses must have lived in the State for six months prior to making the application.

Just fill in the blank form. Several state agencies also have forms that you can print out on their websites. Complaint forms and invoices can be downloaded from a trusted website that offers legal forms for divorce in Virginia. The Virginia Code also offers a variety of other forms, such as the divorce form from the Virginia Department of Family and Children’s Services.

The exact shape you choose depends largely on your motifs. The deposit is paid for six months after the separation, but not for the duration of the divorce.

Virginia behaves differently. The application form must be completed within 30 days of filing for divorce, not 60 days.

Write down your spouse’s full name and address and indicate the country you are using to file for divorce in Virginia. Fill out the rest of the form and tell the court when and where your wedding took place. Leave a number for each empty case, as the courts assign numbers to anyone filing for divorce. Who is the plaintiff and who are the defendants? Who are you when you make your complaint?

Check the state with which you have signed the separation agreement. Specify that you have produced within six months of separation. Enter the field and enter your name and address.

Otherwise, write at the end of the complaint how the court should rule. The complaint must be submitted to a district court in the district where you live or where your spouse’s live together. If you have left the state, you must file an application within six months of the expiry of your separation agreement.

When the secretary receives the complaint, the divorce process begins. The clerk will send you a copy as a summons and the case will then go to a hearing where the commissioner or judge will agree to your divorce. You need to send your letter of complaint to your husband in Virginia. In Virginia, people file for divorce and are served by the sheriff. Make sure you communicate effectively with your chosen divorce lawyer. If you know what steps to take to keep the most optimistic outcome in your favor, turn to an experienced family lawyer who has a reputation for handling similar cases.